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  • Lad on

    I love my Bobi. First thing I did was Bobi proof the house (power cords off of the ground and kitchen chairs up) something that I do when I vacuum or sweep anyway, and charged the battery. Pushed the “GO” button and Bobi took off. My dogs were a little nervious about Bobi but now they just move out of Bobi’s way when approached. I live on a farm in an old log house with wood floors except in the bedroom which is carpeted. The house gets very dusty, with lots of dog hair and hay. Bobi picks it all up. Our house has two levels, seperated by two steps, I run Bobi on one level one night and on the other level the second night. I learned that you have to keep Bobi’s sensors clean when there are fall concerns. One night when cleaning the upper floors Bobi took a fall :( because I hadn’t cleaned the sensors. Now I just wipe the sensors with a slightly damp paper towel and I have not had any problems since. If I run Bobi for more than an hour and there are fall concerns I will empty the dust bin and wipe the sensors again. I have also used the barrier box with success. I have not used the mop feature because when I use the swiffer wet mop I usually go thru a dozen pads. I have noticed though that I use less mop pads since we got Bobi I believe because Bobi does a better job of picking up dirt than sweeping. I still use my regular vacuum on the carpet except when I need to vacuum under the bed. Bobi does a great job gettin under things… places where a normal vacuum can’t reach. My house now is always clean. I love our newest family member Bobi.

  • Michelle on

    I love my Bobsweep. But sometimes it turns on randomly. I will be sitting watching a movie and it randomly turns on on its own. It’s so loud that it scares me and just starts going without me even touching it or the remote. Is this normal?

  • Jessica Sexton on

    I just bought a bobsweep pet hair robo vacuum. While it does a pretty decent job, I just wanted to pass along some pointers for future models. It seems to wonder around way too long in the same spot with no rhyme or reason behind it’s cleaning. I have mine located in the kitchen as that is the most important room I would like it to sweep. However it will spend sometimes 50 minutes in my small kitchen before it figures out how to make it out the door to my living room. Then it doesn’t clean very well in there before it’s battery dies and it needs to recharge. Then it spends forever trying to locate the base. It wonders around in circles in the same spot for 20 minutes before even making it back to the kitchen and even then it will go around its base for quite awhile before it locates it. Sometimes it will even run over its base trying to find it. At times it will even leave the kitchen again and head back to the living room as if it never heard its base. Most of the time it will find the base but it could take it thirty minutes to locate it and connect. To spend so much money on a item is disappointing when a basic feature that all robo vacuums have such as finding it’s charging base seems to be lacking. Why wouldn’t it’s signal be strong enough that it would send it across a small home and signal right away to the vacuum where it’s located. I could understand if the area it was in was huge but these two spots I’m referring to is maybe 500 square ft. This vacuum cost too much for it to lack so much in the most basic of features. As for a pro I feel it does vacuum really well for its size and the capacity is great. Next time I make a purchase I will try a different brand until bobsweep can put more technology behind its base and more technology behind it’s rhythm of vacuuming so it isn’t so random. Just wanted to share my thoughts on your product.

  • Misha K on

    So grateful

    bObi is a life saver. We don’t have pets but I grew up in a family with 2 cats and a dog and could only imagine how much easier life would have been for my mom had we had one of these back then .

  • Devon S. on

    I have had my bObsweep PetHair for a couple of years now, and he’s great. He gets up all of the grime from the floor – and there are 3 dogs here! Excellent product, and the customer service is unparalleled. I’ve had to call a couple of times over the past few years, and everyone I’ve spoken with has been polite, friendly, and knowledgeable, and my concerns have been dealt with rapidly and to the highest quality. I adore my Bob and everyone on the team, and I will definitely purchase from here again! 10/10

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