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  • Lesliediupt on

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  • Tracy on

    My bobsweep does a great job picking everything up- including pet hair, better than my Roomba did.
    But bobsweep gets stuck everywhere- Roomba never did.
    It gets stuck against furniture, can’t over thin rugs- gets stuck

  • Sheena on

    I love my Bobsweep Pet Hair Plus however I’ve had it less than a year and half and I’m replacing my dustbin for the SECOND time. $26.99 for the dustbin and $12.99 for SHIPPING is crazy!

  • Judy from Indy on

    I have read where people are upset because their bObsweep stays in one area. I found this site because I also was wondering. I just decided to let bob run. Bob stayed in the same area until it was clean and then it would go to another area. Now since Bob cleaned everything to his satisfaction he goes over the whole house with no problem. Give him a chance.

  • Robin Clarke on

    My husband purchased BobO Pethair for me in Feb 2019. They sent us an upgrade to Pethair Plus. Okay …great I thought. 6 months later our BobO still can not get through one scheduled deep cleaning of our downstairs hardwood floors without getting stuck!! He runs in the same small area every time until I move him. I have to empty and clean him out every day!! Not much of a break from sweeping it up myself. Thought we got such a great deal….NOT!! I can not run BobO when I am not home. It isn’t safe. He is very loud and doesn’t get through the approximately 1,000 sq.ft. area without running out of power.
    Would not recommend this for anyone!!

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