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  • Angela on

    Sorry to say that I cannot recommend the Bobi pet vacuum. I’ve had it for about a year and a half and at first I thought it was okay, but not great. Over time, though it’s only gotten more frustrating. For being a pet vacuum, the moving parts get jammed up with hair after practically every use and it isn’t practical to have to take it apart for cleaning that often. It also gets stuck on literally anything. Any rug, any cord, between the legs of furniture, anything. It gets stuck on things so often I can’t run it when I’m not home. Even when I am home, it doesn’t do much. I have a small ranch house with an open floor plan that should be easy to clean, but it tends to head straight into the same corner every time and just stay there until the battery gets low. Even if I move it to another part of the house it still somehow ends up back in the same corner. I also have a smaller room with hardwood floors where my cat’s litter boxes are and it can’t even get that one room clean before the battery gets low. I didn’t expect this vacuum to completely replace my upright, but I thought it would at least help somewhat. I will never buy another Bobi and don’t recommend them to my friends either.

  • Heidy on

    I acquire my original Bobbie as a gift some years ago and I loved him very much because he was so caring and conscious about what his role was at the house,he was very faithful and loyal, there was not a day that he complained about pain or how tired he was. I always made sure he was well fed but not to the point that he was so full that he had to throw up. As long as he was cleaned and feed and loved he will do his job. But one day and all of the sudden he got so sick that he had to go to see the Dr. and the prognosis was not very well, Bobbie was so sick that he had to be put to sleep. I was devastated and the Drs and all the people that cared for him decided to surprise me with a gift that would cheer me up. They send me a replacement and although it was not my Bobbie and he knew it, he tried very hard to make me as happy as Bobbie did, he worked so hard that the pain of losing Bobbie faded away over time and Bobie became my best friend as well, to the point that my dog Percie felt jealous of the attention Bobie was getting. I feel Bobsweep is so caring and loving to our members that they deserve many AAA+++. As long as I can Bobsweep will be the place I go for buying another Robotic floor sweeper/ cleaner . Thank you Boobsweep for making our lives so easy with your amazing products and your customer service, you truly stand behind your products.

  • Karen on

    Bob W.
    December 25, 2017 – April 7, 2019

    Sorry to report, but during an F0 tornado on April 7 while my dog and I were taking cover in a closet, my Bob’s life ended. Per my husband, Bob suddenly awakened and took off across the living room floor. His lifeless form was located with his headed hiding under the back of the sofa. He never uttered another sound or code — it was lights out. Cause of death has yet to be determined, but heart attack or lightening strike could be a possible cause. No toxicology report expected, and no autopsy performed.

    Bob leaves behind his parents, twin brother (Bobby), and Bubba, the family dog, he loved to torment.

    RIP, Bob

  • Joe B on

    I bought a BobiPet for my wife for Christmas 2017, hoping to end her daily sweeping of the golden retriever hair from our hardwood floors. While I like the concept of the robotic vacuum, and avoided the Roomba per advice from a friend, I can’t say I have been overly impressed by the BobiPet. We have a large downstairs which cannot be vacuumed by the BobiPet in one charge, which is fine. What isn’t fine is that the vacuum tends to repeat movements, going over the same 2 feet of flooring 2-3 times before moving on, wasting battery/vacuuming time. It also spends too much time when it hits a chair leg or another obstacle before correcting course, also wasting battery. I work in IT and know that mechanical devices are driven by software, and that there are modern components that can detect movement and relay that info to the onboard computer. So I have been very unimpressed when my BobiPet hits an obstacle and spins its wheels for 5-10 seconds before reversing course and moving on. I do understand that it cannot “see” all obstacles – chair legs, curved table legs, furniture that is too high for the infrared sensors to see but low enough to get the vacuum stuck – no problem with that, but it should stop pushing against an immovable object after a couple of seconds. Another complaint is that I do not believe it is actually mapping where it has been – it just seems to randomly go different places in the room, repeating some places multiple times and sometimes missing other spots. It also has, somehow, gotten under our couches that have skirts to the floor and gotten stuck under those (it would drive to the sofa, back up, turn around, then send the non-IR part to just under the sofa, then spin around and proceed underneath. I really don’t understand why it would try to enter a place where a few seconds prior the IR sensors said there was an object present. And, if it really did map where it had been, it should always be able to map back to the charging station (but, I don’t really care about that part as I typically pick it up and place it into the room I want done, and it does find the station when I place it within direct sight of it.)

    Other notes that are not gripes, but reality checks – if you have a long-haired pet, you will be cleaning the beater bars, wheels, and brush frequently. And, by this, I mean removing screws, disassembling the underneath of it to pull the hair from being wrapped around the wheels and spinning things. Plus the long hair gets stuck on the “teeth” on the way to the bin, and I am always surprised at how much dirt/dust is caught in the filter. I guess that’s a good thing! :-) And,the last reality check is that, unless you let it run the whole floor and don’t have any rugs with fringe (!! – use the bobiblock), you do have some prep to do to keep it contained. I have some boards I set up in passageways, etc to make it sweep only the family room and kitchen, or whatever combination I want cleaned.

    After 15 months, I find that I need to replace the battery – a $50 cost. Otherwise, the durability has been good – had one piece of plastic break off but everything still connects solidly.

    At the end of the day, it’s kind of cool to set it loose and go do other things around the house. The unit has definitely made me frustrated at times…I’ve call it disobedient many times when it went under the sofa or backed its way through the bobiblock to escape…and I do-not-like hearing the beep that it’s stuck and having to go take care of it. Oh, and another thing – make sure your dog’s tail is safe – the BobiPet will pull it right in and the poor dog will just look at you like, “what on earth is that thing trying to do with my tail?!!” (yes, it happened!)

    Would I recommend the BobiPet? Yes and No – don’t buy it thinking you just push a button and forget it. But, it can save you time and hassle, especially if you need to sweep or vacuum every day. I kind of have fun with it, even though I have difficulties with it at times. And, lastly, the remote is awesome – all the right controls and is very reliable.

  • Lad on

    I love my Bobi. First thing I did was Bobi proof the house (power cords off of the ground and kitchen chairs up) something that I do when I vacuum or sweep anyway, and charged the battery. Pushed the “GO” button and Bobi took off. My dogs were a little nervious about Bobi but now they just move out of Bobi’s way when approached. I live on a farm in an old log house with wood floors except in the bedroom which is carpeted. The house gets very dusty, with lots of dog hair and hay. Bobi picks it all up. Our house has two levels, seperated by two steps, I run Bobi on one level one night and on the other level the second night. I learned that you have to keep Bobi’s sensors clean when there are fall concerns. One night when cleaning the upper floors Bobi took a fall :( because I hadn’t cleaned the sensors. Now I just wipe the sensors with a slightly damp paper towel and I have not had any problems since. If I run Bobi for more than an hour and there are fall concerns I will empty the dust bin and wipe the sensors again. I have also used the barrier box with success. I have not used the mop feature because when I use the swiffer wet mop I usually go thru a dozen pads. I have noticed though that I use less mop pads since we got Bobi I believe because Bobi does a better job of picking up dirt than sweeping. I still use my regular vacuum on the carpet except when I need to vacuum under the bed. Bobi does a great job gettin under things… places where a normal vacuum can’t reach. My house now is always clean. I love our newest family member Bobi.

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