Troubleshooting: bObi Classic

Note: This article outlines troubleshooting guidelines for bObi Classic. Go to for troubleshooting details of other bObsweep models such as Bob PetHair Vision Plus, Bob PetHair Vision, Bob PetHair SLAM, Bob PetHair Appetite, Dustin, and more. 

If you ever notice that bObi is not her usual self, don't worry! bObi is equipped with an advanced self-inspection program that isolates the source of her distress.

Error Codes

If bObi ever runs into a problem, she will notify you by displaying on her remote "ER," along with a  2-digit number. Follow along with the video below to find the most probable solution to each of bObi's Error Codes.

Home Checkup Test

bObi's Home Checkup Test allows you to pinpoint exactly what is troubling bObi. Follow along with the video below to test each of bObi's parts.