How-To Videos: Bob PetHair Plus

To learn more about Bob's features and how to properly care for him, please refer to the how-to videos below and read all about Bob in his Owner's Manual.

Getting Started

Quick Start Guide                           Charging

bobsweep pethair plus       bobsweep pethair plus charging


Remote Control                              blOck Plus                                            Dry Mop (included)                              Wet/Dry Mop (available separately)

bobsweep pethair plus remote control         bobsweep pethair plus block                mop pethair plus                 wet/dry mop pethair plus


Deactivate Edge Sensors              Cleaning Modes                              Scheduling

deactivate edge sensors bobsweep pethair plus         cleaning modes bobsweep pethair plus         bobsweep pethair plus scheduling


Clean Front Wheel                          Weekly Maintenance

bobsweep pethair plus clean front wheel         bobsweep pethair plus maintenance