Home Checkup Test: Bob PetHair Plus

If Bob is not performing as well as he used to, you can diagnose the problem with a simple home checkup test to pinpoint the cause of the issue.

Follow along with the video below to test each of Bob's parts individually. Scroll down to read instructions for each step.

Bob's Home Checkup Test

If Bob fails any portion of his checkup test, please contact our customer care center at support@bobsweep.com, or 1-888-549-8847 for support in the US & Canada. Our business hours are 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday, and 10 am - 2 pm on Saturday (Pacific Standard Time).

Putting Bob in Checkup Mode

  1. Hold down the CHECKUP button on his cover.
  2. While still holding down the CHECKUP button, flip Bob's power switch ON. Bob will chirp three times to let you know he is now in checkup mode.

Step One: Edge Sensors

The 4 bars above the word “Check Up” should be lit on Bob’s display. These represent Bob’s 4 edge sensors.

Lift Bob about 6 inches (15 cm) off the ground. You should see the 4 bars turn off.

Step Two: Wall Sensors

To test Bob's wall sensors, you will need a flat, white surface.

Drag your imitation wall around the front of Bob’s bumper. The 5 bars below the word “Check Up” should light up one by one. Bob's rightmost sensor, the one closest to his side brush, is less sensitive than his other sensors.

Step Three: Touch Sensors

Press the left side of Bob’s bumper and the bar to the left of the word “Check Up” should light up; press the right side of the bumper and the bar to the right of “Check Up” should light up.

Press the center of the bumper and both bars on either side of the word “Check Up” should light up at the same time.

Step Four: Charging Station

The charging station must be synced and plugged in for this portion of the checkup test.

Press the GO button on Bob’s cover. Next, place Bob directly in front of his charging station, about 1 foot (30 cm) away. Keep blOck Plus away from Bob so its signal does not interfere with this portion of the test.

The four battery bars should be lit on his screen.

The words “Deep Clean,” “Quick Clean,” and “Touch Up” should be lit on Bob’s display.

“Deep Clean” and “Touch Up” represent the station’s 2 internal signals. If either one of them fails to light up, then then there is likely something wrong with Bob’s charging station.

The word “Quick Clean” represents the signal on Bob’s front. Cover the small hole on the front of Bob’s bumper and “Quick Clean” should disappear.

Step Five: blOck Plus

Unplug the charging station before proceeding. blOck Plus must be synced for this portion of the test.

Both the left and front barriers must be turned on for this test. To turn on the left barrier, press the left arrow button; to turn on the front barrier, press the forward arrow button.

Place Bob directly in front of blOck Plus, about 1 foot (30 cm) away. The word “Deep Clean” should light up. This means the front barrier is working properly.

Now turn blOck Plus so that the left side is facing Bob. The word “Deep Clean” should light up again. This means the left barrier is working properly.

Step Six: Screen

Press the GO button on Bob’s cover once more. Each icon on Bob’s screen will light up in a repeating rotation. You are now testing Bob’s screen.

After every icon on Bob’s screen lights up, you may move on to the next step of the checkup test.

Step Seven: Brush and Suction Power

Press the CLEANING MODE button on Bob’s cover.

Both the side brush and the main brush should start rotating and you should feel air flowing from the back of the dustbin.

If Bob’s main brush is having difficulty rotating, Bob will let you know by showing on his screen that there is “something funny going on" with his main brush.

If Bob’s vacuum motor is behaving oddly or if his dustbin has been removed, he will indicate that there is “something funny going on” with his dustbin.

Step Eight: UV Light and Wheels

Lift Bob off the floor to keep him from running away. Next, press the CHARGE button and his wheels should drive forward.

Flip Bob over and you should see his UV lamp lit.

Press the CHARGE button once more. Bob’s wheels should drive backwards and his UV lamp should turn off.

If Bob is having difficulty rotating either one of his wheels, he will indicate that there is “something funny going on” with either one of them.

Exit Checkup Mode

To exit Checkup mode, press the CHECKUP button one last time, or, flip his power switch OFF so he can rest until his next cleaning session!


If Bob completes the checkup test without any issues, then his internal parts are working properly! Contact support@bobsweep.com if you have any questions or notice any issues. Our doctors at the bObsweep hospital are always ready to help!