Error Codes: Bob Standard

Note: This article outlines troubleshooting guidelines for Bob Standard. Go to for troubleshooting details of other bObsweep models such as Bob PetHair Vision Plus, Bob PetHair Vision, Bob PetHair SLAM, Bob PetHair Appetite, Dustin, and more. 

If Bob ever runs into a problem, he will ask for your help by beeping and displaying “Error” on his screen, along with a number. Each number corresponds to a specific, easily solvable issue.

Follow along with the video below to find out the most probable solution to each of Bob's Error Codes. Scroll down to read a breakdown of each number.

Solutions for Bob's Error Codes:

If after following all the suggested steps Bob's issue persists, please contact our customer care center for further assistance. You can reach them at, or 1-888-549-8847 for support in the US & Canada. Our business hours are 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday, and 10 am - 2 pm on Saturday (Pacific Standard Time).

Error Code 00: Left Wheel

There is an issue with the left wheel.
What to do:

Use the cleaning tool or compressed air to remove any dust or debris that may be jamming the wheel. If this does not solve the problem and Bob still displays Error Code 00, perform a checkup test and see how the wheel performs.

Error Code 01: Right Wheel

There is an issue with the right wheel.
What to do:
Use the cleaning tool or compressed air to remove any dust or debris that may be jamming the wheel. If this does not solve the problem and Bob still displays Error Code 01, run a checkup test and see how the wheel performs. 

Error Code 02: Main Brush

The main brush is unable to work freely. 
What to do:

Remove the main brush using a screwdriver, and clean it thoroughly from end to end. You may use a pair of scissors to cut hair or thread wrapped around Bob’s brush, or a pair of tweezers to remove congestion from the motor area (the square metal indentation where the main brush is held). If Bob displays Error Code 02 while cleaning on a shag carpet or rug, you may remove his main brush and allow him to vacuum without it.

Error Code 03: Front Wheel

The front wheel is unable to move freely.
What to do:

Remove debris congesting the front wheel using compressed air or the cleaning tool. If the congestion is not removable from the outside, disconnect the front wheel using a flat head screwdriver for leverage, and remove the obstruction.

Error Code 04: Edge Sensors

The edge sensors are blocked or dirty. Bob’s four, oval-shaped edge sensors are located on his underside, near his bumper.
What to do:

Wipe the sensors using a dry cloth, or dust them using compressed air. If Bob displays this Error Code while working on dark-colored carpet or patterned flooring, you may need to cover his sensors with blindfold stickers.

Error Code 05: Wall Sensors

The wall sensors are blocked or dirty.
What to do:
Do a visual check on the translucent strip on Bob’s bumper. If it appears dirty or congested, wipe it with a clean, damp cloth. To ensure nothing is jammed under the bumper, gently tap it and use compressed air to clear it of debris. If the issue persists, run a checkup test on Bob.

Error Code 06: Touch Sensors

There is an issue with the touch sensors. It is likely that a small piece of debris is trapped under the bumper. 
What to do:
Slowly and carefully tap on Bob’s bumper to clear out any obstructions. Use compressed air to clear it of dust and debris. Press on both ends of the front bumper until you hear a tiny ‘click’ sound. If the bumper is not clicking on its ends, it is possible that one or more of Bob’s touch sensors has a broken arm and needs to be replaced.

Error Code 07: Main Brush Installation

The main brush is not installed properly. 
What to do:
Use a screwdriver to remove the main brush and put it back in place. Make sure the brush’s square metal end is well fitted into the corresponding square metal part on the main brush holder.

Error Code 08: Dustbin

The dustbin is not properly installed, or the dustbin’s metal contact points are dirty.

What to do:

Remove Bob’s dustbin and empty it. Turn the dustbin around and gently wipe the two metal connectors on its bottom. Lastly, clean the metal contact points inside Bob where the dustbin is inserted.

Error Code 09: Mainboard

The mainboard is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. 
What to do: 

Perform a mainboard reset: switch Bob OFF, remove the charging adapter from his station, and plug the adapter directly into his side. Leave Bob plugged in for 20 minutes. Then, turn him ON and set him to clean. If the issue persists, Bob likely needs to visit the bObsweep hospital. Send a short description of the issue to, and leave the rest to us!

Error Code 10: Power System

The battery is disconnected or has absolutely no juice left.
What to do: 

Open the battery compartment and unplug the battery. Wait 10 minutes and reinstall the battery. Plug the charging adapter directly into Bob's side and let him charge overnight.

If Bob shows Trouble Number 10 when placed on his charging station, it is because he is in standby mode and his charging plates are not activated. Press the CHARGE button on Bob’s screen only once to activate his charging plates, and then place him on his station.

If Bob shows Trouble Number 10 as soon as he automatically docks to his charging station, he either needs a new charging station, charging adapter, or battery. Plug the charging adapter directly into Bob's side. If the issue is resolved, Bob needs a new charging station; if the issue persists, he likely needs a new charging adapter or battery.