Master Plan, bObi Classic

$219.00 USD $269.00 USD

With the Master Plan you can have it all: the Checkup Plan, Replacement Plan, and Rejuvenation Plan all together, at a fraction of the cost

Checkup Plan

Covers all shipping costs if your bObi Classic needs to visit the bObsweep hospital for a "checkup"

Covers the cost of consumable parts (brushes, filters, and mopping cloths)

How long this coverage lasts:

1 year from the day you purchased bObi


US & Canada only

Replacement Plan

Allows you to swap your old bObi Classic for a replacement one up to 2 times

How long this coverage lasts:

2 years from the day you purchased bObi


You must return your old bObi before receiving your new one

Each replacement unit comes with the same basic 1-year warranty as a new bObi

Replacement units are not eligible for a refund

Each replacement is subject to a $59 service charge

US & Canada only 

Rejuvenation Plan

We will send you a year's worth of consumable parts:

4 Main Brushes (2 Black + 2 Blö)

2 Side Brushes, 2 Rubber Brushes

2 Filters

2 Mopping Cloths

Shipping is on us!


We will ship your consumable parts within 3 months of your purchase

US & Canada only 

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